Acoustic super silent fan

The extremely low noise level makes these super-silenced boxed fans an exclusive and unequalled series.
SS-BOX fans are suitable for being installed in small exhausting plants, where limited dimensions and easy installation are also required. Other peculiar features are: the possibility of easy removal of motor-impeller assembly for maintenance, the standardized round inlet and outlet flanges and the possibility of speed regulation. They are suitable to convey clean air up to a max temperature of 40°C. They must be installed only in horizontal position.
Note: The connections to the motor are inside the unit and the wires normally exit the fan via the ducting. (Using a grommet).

Sound Levels
Note: For comparative purposes given at 3 meters.
(The manufacturer gives them at 1.5 meters)
125mm - 21 db(A) @3m - 225m3/hr
200mm - 30 db(A) @3m - 900m3/hr
250mm - 29 db(A) @3m - 1150m3/hr 

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