Acoustic Kitchen Extract Fan

Range of in-line cabinet fans, manufactured from galvanised steel sheet with double thickness side panels internally lined with 17 mm thickness of fireproof fibreglass acoustic insulation (M0).

All models incorporate backward curved centrifugal impellers, dynamically balanced and are supplied with circular duct connection flanges and remote terminal box.

~ All the motors are IP55, Class F(1) insulation, with thermal protection (2).
Electrical supply:
~ Single phase 230V-50Hz. 
~ Air stream temperature limits -40ºC to +70ºC.

The extremely low noise level makes these super-silenced boxed fans an exclusive and unequalled series.
SS-BOX fans are suitable for being installed in small exhausting plants, where limited dimensions and easy installation are also required. Other peculiar features are: the possibility of easy removal of motor-impeller assembly for maintenance, the standardized round inlet and outlet flanges and the possibility of speed regulation. They are suitable to convey clean air up to a max temperature of 40°C. They must be installed only in horizontal position.
Note: The connections to the motor are inside the unit and the wires normally exit the fan via the ducting. (Using a grommet).

Sound Levels
Note: For comparative purposes given at 3 meters.
(The manufacturer gives them at 1.5 meters)
125mm - 21 db(A) @3m - 225m3/hr
200mm - 30 db(A) @3m - 900m3/hr
250mm - 29 db(A) @3m - 1150m3/hr 

Centribox CVB 270/270-1/2

Large Acoustic Cabinet fans manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel sheet and internally lined with melamine foam flame retardant acoustic insulation (M1).

The specific design of the product enables the casing side panels to be removed and the motor / impeller assembly accessed without having to remove the fan case from the ducting.
All models are supplied with four mounting feet and an industrial grade cable entry gland (located on discharge panel side) to facilitate installation and wiring.
All models incorporate double inlet direct-drive low pressure centrifugal fans (with scroll) with galvanised steel forward curved impellers. All fan assemblies are fitted to the casing discharge panel using a rigid support frame with two anti-vibration mountings.
All models incorporate double inlet single phase direct-drive forward curved centrifugal fan fitted with anti vibration mounts and IP55 remote terminal box. 

Manufactured by S&P and continuing their range of quiet fans, the CAB range of acoustically lined cabinet fans are specifically designed to provide extract ventilation solutions for noise sensitive environments. The range comprises of six nominal sizes. All models incorporate single phase, 230V 50Hz, direct drive low pressure centrifugal fans available in two (2) or four (4) pole speeds. All models are supplied with a remote mounting wiring outlet box to facilitate installation and connection to external controls.
These are slightly more expensive than the Rucks, but have better acoustic properties and build. Recommended..
Air volume performance ranges from 200 up to 3,950 m3/hr.

The UPA range are suitable for many general ventilation applications where the noise level of the ventilation system is of particular importance. Typical applications would include ventilation systems for:
- Commercial offices.
- Restaurants and cafes.
- Libraries and public buildings etc.

The fan casings are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised sheet steel and internally lined with a dense Melanex (M1 Type) acoustic insulation. All models incorporate inlet and discharge circular duct connection flanges with integrated rubber air seal. The specific design of the products enables a cover to be removed and the motor / impeller assembly accessed without the requirement of removing the fan casing from the ducting. This UPA fan cover is supplied as standard with “quick-fix” fixings to enable fast removal or fitting without tools. All models are also supplied with four mounting feet to facilitate any ceiling, wall or floor mounting installation.
Motor / Impeller
All models incorporate a single phase, 230V 50Hz, direct-drive low pressure forward curved centrifugal fan (with scroll). All motors included in the UPA range are of, “enclosed,” type and are fully speed controlable using voltage regulation.

After much work given on the noise figures for these fans, it seems that they compare favorably with the Ruck fan, being quieter by a few decibels. They are also built a little more sturdily.

Noise figures. (Breakout noise at normal operating point)
100mm - 23dB(A) @ 3m
125mm - 23dB(A) @ 3m
150mm - 26dB(A) @ 3m
200mm - 31dB(A) @ 3m
250mm - 27dB(A) @ 3m 
250mm - 32dB(A) @ 3m (N version)
315mm - 31dB(A) @ 3m
400mm - 37dB(A) @ 3m

The CAB TWIN range comprises 13 sizes of centrifugal twin fans with acoustically-lined cabinets; each consisting of two direct-driven low pressure centrifugal fans which work independently for run and standby plus duty-share function. The low-noise forward-curved fans are fitted with maintenance-free single phase motors. Recirculation of air is prevented by integral back-draught gravity shutters.

Impellers are designed for high efficiency and are manufactured from galvanised steel and balanced to ISO-1940. The fan housings are of heavy gauge galvanised steel sheet.

The cabinets are welded and are lined with 25mm of flame-retardant V0 rated acoustic insulation lining (50mm insulation is available to order). As standard, they are supplied suitable for mounting indoors; however weatherproof units for roof mounting are available on request. The cabinets are provided with 4 corner fixing holes for ease of mounting horizontally, with access either from above or below the unit via the panel secured with screws.

Motors are suitable for continuous operation at up to +40ºC ambient temperature.

The units are fitted with an IP54 rated terminal box positioned on the inlet face of the cabinet.
Wiring to the fans is made to dedicated 3-way terminal blocks (one for each fan). The terminal box is suitable for standard cable gland entries.

Toilet extract ventilation in offices, hospitals, school, retail outlets plus other areas where run and standby operation is required.

■ Wide range of performances up to 4775m3/hr (1.33m3/s)
■ High pressure capabilities, up to 400Pa
■ Top or bottom access
■ Acoustically-lined cabinets
■ 100% Standby

■ Duty sharing auto-changeover controllers available, please select from the option above
■ Speed controllable alongside auto changeover controller
■ BMS compatible

Technical Characteristics

CAB- TWIN - 100H 240m3/hr 41dB
CAB- TWIN - 125H 300m3/hr 45dB
CAB- TWIN - 150H 711m3/hr 41dB
CAB- TWIN - 200H 971m3/hr 48dB
CAB- TWIN - 250H 1372m3/hr 56dB
CAB- TWIN - 315H 17293m/hr 57dB
CAB- TWIN - 355L 1481m3/hr 64dB
CAB- TWIN - 355H 2200m3/hr 68dB
CAB- TWIN - 400L 2625m3/hr 62dB
CAB- TWIN - 400H 2816m3/hr 63dB
CAB- TWIN - 450H 3450m3/hr 69dB
CAB- TWIN - 500L 3950m3/hr 70dB
CAB- TWIN - 500H 4775m3/hr 71dB

AirVent Commercial Fan

~ 12" commercial fan.
~ 3 stage quick and easy installation and maintenance.
~ Low noise.
~ Sealed for life motor bearings.
~ Certified to European Standards.
Rating: 961 m3/hour.
extract noise = 51.3dbA (@3m) 
intake noise = 50.1dbA (@3m) 
size: 403mmX403mmX180mm 
hole size: 337mm
max wall thickness: 288mm
Window fixing kit available.
This is one of the most popular wall/panel extractors we offer, suitable for commercial and semi-domestic use.

Made by Anda, a subsidiary of Vent-Axia, these fans are often used as an economy version of the Vent-Axia T Series.

Single Phase Plate Axial fans by Ziehl Abegg (German) 

speed controllable by voltage reduction
inlet protection guard
safe and maintenance free operation
can be installed in any mounting position
electric connection via terminal box mounted on the motor
single phase fans are supplied with capacitor

These fans are generally quieter than most plate axials due to their fan shape, also a little more efficient.

Axial fans of the AW sileo range have a bionic shaped fan blade, and are driven by external rotor motors. The AW range is equipped with a square wall plate, galvanized steel and powder coated in black (RAL9005). 
The protection guard at the inlet side is powder coated in black. The axial impeller is manufactured from black high efficiency composite material. The impeller is balanced dynamically in two levels in accordance with DIN ISO 1940 part 1, quality G6.3.
The ones listed are the 4 pole versions but 2 pole and EC versions are available.
The motors are equipped with thermal contacts for motor protection, with leads to be connected to a motor protection unit.

Ask for details of EC and three phase versions.

250mm - 982 m3/hr 
315mm - 2,437 m3/hr 
400mm - 3,852 m3/hr 
450mm - 7,128m3/hr 
500mm - 8,928 m3/hr 
560mm - 10,908 m3/hr 

HV E -STYLVENT Series - Wall or Window Extract Fans. (Flush mounted version)

Complete range of axial flow fans for wall or window mounting applications. All the fans are supplied with tough ABS plastic grilles, shutter and single phase 230V- 50Hz motor. 
All the fans are class II insulation and IPX4 rated.

The HV-STYLVENT series comprises of 3 diameters: 150, 230 and 300 mm, including several operating options, making them ideally suited for a wide range of general residential, commercial and industrial exhaust or supply ventilation applications.

Automatic models operated via control unit CR

HV-E-230A and HV-E-300A: 5 Positions:
1-Fan stopped and shutter closed
2-Fan on high speed working as air extract with shutter open
3-Fan on low speed working as air extract with shutter open
4-Fan stopped and shutter open
5-Fan in reverse high speed supplying air in the room with shutter open
To operate all these functions use the accessory CR-300

Range of cylindrical cased axial flow fans with motor located externally to the fan casing and incorporating a belt driven impeller making this range suitable for continuous operation up to 120ºC.

The casings are manufactured from high grade rolled sheet steel protected against corrosion by cataforesis primer and black polyester paint finish.

The drive system consists of an industrial poly V-belt drive pulley system which is enclosed within metal protective guard.

ATEX versions available.
These fans are often used for paint shops etc as the motor is out of the airstream.

All the motors are IP55 class F, fitted with ball bearings greased for life.
Electrical supplies:
Three phase 230/400V-50Hz or 400V-50Hz

Range of bifurcated axial flow fans with motor isolated from the air stream making this range suitable for continuous operation up to 150ºC.
The casings are manufactured from high grade rolled sheet steel protected against corrosion by grey epoxy-polyester paint finish. All models incorporate one piece die-cast aluminium impellers.
The impellers are finished with red colour epoxy-polyester paint coating.
Available, depending upon the model, with three phase motors in 2, 4 or 6 poles.

This is the TET/4-400N
All the motors are IP55, Class F insulation. Electrical supply: Three phase motors 230/400V-50Hz.


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