Ray Electrical Engineering Ltd. is registered according to the Govt. policy of UK. Our UK based well-trained engineers are always happy to help & advice where necessary.Ray electrical repairs large Motors & generator. Any type of electric equipment is available here.We are the best among the Electricians in London.



  • We are expert in manufacturing , repairing , rewinding & installing large Motors & Generators

  • Our expert engineers  are ready to fabricate ,install , repair your Power Generators with their skilled hands.

  • Our engineers  have a wide range experience in fabricating , installing & rewinding extractor fan /hood etc.

  • We are promised to design your Electrical circuit ( Home & Industrial ) with our trusted hands.

  • Lanlords & homebuyers test & inspection is available here.

  • All of our engineers are fully  qualified according to British standard BS 7671 2008.

  • All works are guaranteed.

  • We response your emergency calls within a very short possible time than others.

  • We are promised to meet your demand with a cheap rate.

  • We maintain a unique reputation within our clients.




What is the view of Ray Electrical Engineering Ltd.?


  1. "Ray ElectricalEngineering Ltd.' are likely to ensure your domestic & buisness Motors , Power Generators , Extractor fans. elecrical system etc. keeping up to date, fixing any issue , fabricating, repairing and installing any Electrical machine & circuit .

  2. "Ray ElectricalEngineering Ltd.' is committed to providng excellent technical & customer service.

  3. We desire & try our best to invent new technology in Power sector, Eectric Motor secors , Electrc circut designing.

  4. Our UK based well-trained & highly skilled  electrical engineers are eagerly waiting for fabricating new Motors & Generators.

  5. We desire to  furnish support 7 days in a week for all aspects of maintenances such as :  Fabricatng Electrical Circuit Design and Installation,Electrical  Power generator,Industrial Motor ,Inverter Switch install ,repair and sales etc. 

  6. We are bound to ensure the product of our company to be the best in UK

  7. Our competent elctrician response very quickly to the customer.We don't want keep our clients waiting.

  8. We  want to provide our excellent service at a low cost.





ALL PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED IN ONLY 1 CALL. DIAL-02085564055 / 07947568724